B Emoji Meaning

We see many emojis that include characters as well as letters. B emoji is one of letter emojis. This emoji has a few meanings. At it has a red background, B emoji meaning is regarded as blood type B. Besides; its meaning includes “brother” as a slang word and all things that their names start with B.

Blood Type B

Blood Type B text with B emoji

People sometimes prefer to use this emoji instead of typing blood type b. It can be used in this dialogue: “-What is your blood type? – It is B.”


Apart from its direct meaning, “Brother” is a word which is used by gangsters to call themselves. Some people admire these gangsters and call each other that way. They use this emoji instead of writing brother. So, B emoji meaning is related to “brother”.

Things that their names start with B

As it is a colorful letter emoji, people sometimes use it instead of B letter in their messages. In these situations, B emoji meaning is related to the “B” letter itself. Girls like red very much. So, they prefer to use this emoji in their messages to decorate their texts: “I have a Bottle of milk. Who wants to share it with me?” “How is your relationship going with your new Boyfriend?” It can be used if the name of a friend starts with B: “Hey, Belinda. What is up?”

Expressing Love

Expressing Love text with B emoji

It is very common that when someone falls in love, he writes the first letters of his and his girlfriend’s name. Girls also do the same thing. If the name starts with B, this emoji can be used.

B emoji debates

Usage of this emoji is so common that some of the users even debate with each other as they write almost every b letter with this emoji. However, that made other users bored that they started a poll about whether that emoji should be used or not while writing.

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