Meaning of Avocado Emoji

What is the avocado emoji meaning?

Emojis have been so popular in recent times. People like using them very much in their text messages that they share on social media or send to other people. There are many fruit emojis and they are also popular. Avocado is one of those fruit emojis and there are many people who wonder its meaning. Avocado emoji meaning generally points to a healthy lifestyle, love of brunch and also some people use it as a symbolization of their relationship.

Avocado emoji meaning

The Symbol Of Healthy Lifestyle

Many people adopt a healthy lifestyle. We can realize them around us. They do sports regularly, get up early, eat healthy foods. Avocado is known as a nutritious food that is good for health. That is because most of these people prefer to eat avocado. They share their pictures while they are doing sports, preparing a portion of avocado. In this situation, they can write comments with this emoji under their photos. Avocado emoji meaning is the symbol of their healthy lifestyle for them.

Love Of Brunch

Avocado Emojis


Brunch has been a culture for a long time. As avocado is generally eaten while having brunch, avocado emoji meaning is also about the love of brunch. Those who love brunch meet together and have brunch. These people can use this emoji while they are writing about their branch activities.

The Symbol Of Relationship

Avocado Emoji


Avocado emoji meaning is also related to relationships. As this emoji is an image of sliced avocado, couples send it to each to express they are halves of their relationship. So it is an expression of love and feeling happy about being together.

Nature Lovers

There are also some people who love nature and all things that are part of it. As avocado is a part of nature, they love it as well. Sometimes you can see this emoji in their messages.

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