Angel emoji meaning

There are lovely and interesting emojis that are used by people. Writing text messages have been more enjoyable with these emojis. Angel is one of them. As the angel is considered as the symbol of goodness, angel emoji meaning is often about good and positive people. It is sometimes used to make compliments. Angel emoji can be the symbolization of mysterious things. However, this emoji is sometimes used to imply hot moments as well.

The symbol of goodness

The symbol of goodness text and angel empji

As it is known well, the angel is the symbol of goodness. Angel emoji meaning is also about good behaviors, acts, sayings and positive attitude. This emoji is used while writing about a good person. For example, it can be used when someone has done something good: “He is like an angle. He donates to the charity.”, “I feel peaceful when I do volunteer work.”

Angel emoji can be used while writing about a positive attitude or idea: “I want to be optimistic about the future of this country.”, “I believe that peace will come one day.”

Making compliments

Making compliments text and angel empji

As it is put in messages that are describing good people, angel emoji can be used to make compliments. For example, it can be written with love words: “Dear, I love you so much. You are like an angel.”, “My sister, you are so good like an angel.”

Mysterious things

Sometimes, angel emoji can be put in text messages to symbolize mysterious things. These things happen in our lives. We may not understand their reasons: “Last night I saw an angel in my dream.” Angel is one of the religious symbols. When people text about religion and other topics related to it, they can put this emoji: “I am a religious person. I believe in God and angels.”

Passionate Desires


Apart from these, angel emoji meaning can be so different. Sometimes, it is regarded as the implication of passionate desires. People who want to be naughty can send this emoji to the opposite it. Guys often do it. They send angel emoji to the girls that they want to sleep together: “Baby, are you free tonight?”, “I am free at home this evening. How about spending a beautiful evening together?”. Girls shouldn’t be fooled by the angel face and they should see the real intention behind this innocent face.

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